How do I use this tool?

When viewing a pattern, select a swatch color from the swatch list and then click on a section on the quilt pattern to fill it with the selected color. Hovering over the region will show you the color, but will not fill it permanently.

Not shown in the example to the right:

Undo or redo your changes by clicking those respective buttons.

Revert to the original color selections by clicking the “Original” button. Click “Randomize” to generate a random colorway. Or click “Color Pie” to fill with random colors in proportion to a pie chart you can add and remove from.

Clicking “Save” on a desktop will prompt you to download a png of your image, and clicking “Save” on a mobile device will open up a new window with the image for you to download.

Why are there different color swatches on different pages?

Right now, QuiltFill has the capacity to allow the designers to select from four sets of solids swatches: Kona Cotton, Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons, Art Gallery Pure Elements, and Free Spirit Solids. Each quilt design features only one of these sets. I plan to add more (solids & pattern) options in the future.

I’m a pattern designer. How can I get my pattern included?

Email me at stephskardal@gmail.com and/or fill out the survey here to provide more information. I would love to add to this site, but I would not like to add patterns without the designers permission!

What features are in development?

Check out the road map to find out what features are planned in future development.