Welcome! This website was created by me, Steph Skardal. This is the result of most recent work, but I’ve coded similar software a couple of previous times in different context. I’m always looking for finding the most efficient tools for quilt design. I’m so interested in it, that I wrote my own tool here to share with others, which addresses what I find to be the shortcomings of available quilt design and coloring tools.

No App

You already have what you need to use this tool: a browser! No mobile or desktop app download required.

No Account Required

No account required to experiment with quilt coloring. Account support may be added later for saving #wips!

Small Learning Curve

You already know how to use it, just click away. Once you have your finished colored, you can “Save” to export and be on your way to purchase or sew up the pattern!

Questions / Comments

If you have questions or comments, please email me at stephskardal@gmail.com.


Thanks very much for the feedback from the following people while this little website has been a #wip. I assume this list will only grow at the moment.